Casa Manaus

Manaus - Brazil
Alexia Convers
697 m²

Photography by © Ivan De La Luz


The house is located in the heart of the Amazonian Rainforest, in a green area of Manaus right by the Rio Negro River.

The check pattern of the floorplan, made of an alternance of raised roofs and opened interior patios, starts with a total permeability from the street and opens gradually towards the forest. The limits between interior and exterior spaces are then diluted. Nature is invited into the house which becomes greener and greener towards the forest. This alternance system in the day area also provides a comfortable natural ventilation to evacuate the heat in this humid tropical weather as well as natural light. Fresh air comes down into the planted patios and the clerestory windows created by raised roofs let the hot air flow out.

In this tropical monsoon weather, water is also a component of the house. The rain creates a waterfall in the entry hall and every interior patio enjoys rain chains. They contribute to a relaxing ambient sound when raining.

The night area developps on the east side, around a bigger interior patio distributing all the bedrooms. Every bathroom also account for their own opened planted patio. The house provides a constant visual relationship with the trees, which also produce a very beneficial shade to the house. From anywhere in the house you have a green view.

The house is made of a concrete structure with local exotic wood doors, windows and decks. The finish floors are white cement and all the wet areas – the infinity pool, bbq area and entrance waterfall – are iron oxydated concrete.